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ArthurEther 17.08.2019 22:35
Men's style news: must-have bags and sharp shoes

The rucksack reloaded
The humble rucksack, like the storied bottier Berluti, has been through a variety of iterations. Once a sporty utility item, it was elevated to lofty fashion heights thanks to Miuccia Prada, whose nylon one became a cult item in the 1990s.

More recently, the rucksack has been reimagined as something infinitely more precious. Happily, Haider Ackermann’s version, under his fledgling reign at historic cobbler-turned-clothing-conglomerate Berluti, hits a sweet spot, with the leather discreetly demonstrating the handcraft and skill of the house’s Italian artisans in Ferrare, northern Italy.

Those nutmeg-shaded leather fastenings and straps come with a patina that takes several weeks to perfect, layering colour upon colour to lend a richer sense of depth. Six months in, Ackermann is quietly making his presence felt at Berluti – introducing a sensual, fluid silhouette for suits as well as saturated, intense colours, and womenswear. Yet it’s clear that despite the new direction, there’s still a healthy respect for the house’s heritage. A happy scenario for anyone looking for investments that are a perfect balance of peppy modernity and stately tradition.

Best foot forward
The gentlemanly environs of St James’s London have been subject to change in recent years, so it’s heartening that one heritage house remains firmly in situ. This autumn, bootmaker Crockett & Jones, founded in 1879, celebrates 20 years on Jermyn Street – as famed for its men’s accessories and shirtmakers as Savile Row is for its suiting.

To mark the occasion, the house has debuted a range of new shoes with suitably London-centric names: the Chelsea, which couldn’t be anything other than a Chelsea boot, the louche slip-on loafer known as the Cavendish and the rather proper, formal Derby shoe, the Connaught. A capital affair.

source: http://fas.st/JvOFP SHOES & BAGS Magazin: Rose Gal.

JamesFus 14.08.2019 17:03
Getting Mariota back against the Texans (2-5) could help across the board.
"I really don't want to talk about this season," Tate said. "I'm moving on now. I'm here now, and I'm a Steeler now. So, that's all I'm really worrying about."
Peterson and the Vikings reported to training camp more than a month ago. The extra exhibition game this year at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the latest possible Labor Day date has pushed the 2015 season openers into mid-September.
"We're not crowning anybody early," Ridley said. "We're going to come in there and play ball."
Now they have more than a week to study, practice, and, perhaps, try to avoid Belichick's questions.

Алексей 09.08.2019 13:24
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